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Adrian Borland, was singer/guitarist and main songwriter with The Sound, a band which
between 1979 and 1987 released seven albums that never failed to be at the very least full
of passion and raw emotion. They made their debut in 1979 with the "Physical World" e.p,
but it wasn't until the release of the "Jeopardy" album in 1980 that it became clear how
special the band was. Two more albums for WEA followed, "From The Lions Mouth" and
"All Fall Down", which resulted in the band leaving the label. Indie label Statik signed the
band and released "Shock Of Daylight" and "Heads & Hearts" along with the double live
album "In The Hothouse". A move to the Belgium based Play It Again Sam brought with it
the band's final album "Thunder Up". They disintegrated at the end of 1987.


Luckily Adrian continued with a solo career that whilst different in many ways to The Sound,
still displays all the rare qualities that made them such a loved band. Adrian released five solo
albums, first together with his new backing band The Citizens, later on his own. In 1989 he
released "Alexandria" and in 1992 the wonderful "Brittle Heaven", an album that really
threatens to rival his previous work, being a collection of richly emotional songs, with all the
twists and turns you find in music that really draws the listener in. The third album
"Beautiful Ammunition" released in 1994, was Adrian's first real solo album and contains
'Re-United States of Love'. Cinematic" released a year later, was similar in tone, but a
shade lighter as a 90's feel began to seep into his work. Also in 1995 he brought out his
first cd with White Rose Transmission, his congenial collaboration with Carlo van Putten

from The Convent.
His following solo record "5:00 A.M." - released in 1997 - was again a link to his most
successful time and pours scorn on all those that herald the death of the guitar and of
song-crafting. The album contains a plethora of genuinely great songs and sensitive, perceptive moments. Without merely echoing past glories "5:00 A.M." re-establishes the qualities for which the band has become renowned and successfully places them in a contemporary setting, making this an ideal staring point for the uninitiated. His last finished work is the second White Rose
Transmission album "700 Miles Of Desert", which was recorded in Bremen between November 1998 and February 1999.

























Adrian was also active as a producer for bands such as Felt, Dole, Into Paradise, Red Harvest, Steve Lake, Cassell Webb and The Prudes. Sadly, Adrian often fell into deep depression, lyrics from his last compositions hint at his gloomy state of mind before he took his own life on April 26 1999."


After the death of Adrian's father Bob Borland, the Dutch foundation inherited the entire official and unofficial recordings of
Adrian Borland to be sorted and (re)released in collaboration with Sounds Haarlem Likes Vinyl.

All vinyl records, cd's and dvd are available at SoundsHaarlem by order via website or send them a email at 

Adrian's albums showcased the unflinching honesty and sensitivity that was his forte. In the end it was maybe that self-same sensitivity that made life just too painful for Adrian.

A biography of Adrian Borland, titled Book of (Happy) Memories (compiled by Willemien Spook and Jean-Paul van Mierlo) was published in 2001. An Italian book concerning new wave, including a chapter the Sound, was published in 2007. An Italian biography of Adrian Borland, titled Adrian Borland & The Sound (Meaning of a distant victory) was published in 2016.

A film about the tragic struggle of Adrian Borland and the Sound, "Walking in the Opposite Direction", had its world premiere at the IDFA 2016. It was produced by 'fan' Jean-Paul van Mierlo and filmmaker Marc Waltman. The film was screened worldwide in film festivals and released on DVD in 2021.

On April 26, 2024 it has been exactly 25 years since Adrian Borland of The Sound passed away. We are commemorating this by organizing a special event at Poppodium Boerderij together with the Opposite Direction Foundation on this day. With a book presentation, film, concert and exhibition: It was December 5, 1987 that Adrian Borland walked off the stage halfway through the concert of The Sound at De Boerderij. It would later turn out that this had been The Sound's last concert. Adrian then made five more solo albums, but unfortunately his illness always slumbered in the background and on April 26, 1999 he decided to end his life. However, the story of Adrian and the music of The Sound live on!

Documentary: The documentary Walking in the Opposite Direction by Zoetermeer resident Marc Waltman and Jean-Paul van Mierlo, had its world premiere at IDFA 2016 and was already screened at De Boerderij in 2019. Today you have the chance to see this docufilm again on the big screen.

Book presentation: The biography Destiny Stopped Screaming, written by English pop journalist Simon Heavisides, will also be presented. Simon will be present to read from the book, answer questions and sign autographs.

Exhibition: A beautiful and complete collection of items from Adrian Borland and The Sound will be on display.
Concert: The band IN2THESOUND will close the evening with a live concert. IN2THESOUND is the band that includes the original drummer of The Sound Mike Dudley and singer Carlo van Putten. Carlo is known as frontman of German band The Convent and of White Rose Transmission, the partnership with Adrian Borland.


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