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Gigs as Syndrome 1974 -1976




?? 1974 - Urangi Club - Southfields (Second on bill with Vulture and Threnody)


April 5 1975 - St. Matthew’s Church Hall - SW20 (Supported by Nekrosis)

June 17th 1975, Raynes Park High School (Supporting 70% Proof and Blooze)

July 5th 1975 - House concert at Hillview

September 5th 1975 - Brycbox, New Malden

October 24th 1975 - Elmfield, Tiffin Boys School

November 8th 1975 - Banstead Church Hall

December 18th 1975 - Bond Memorial Hall (Supporting Renegade)


March 8th 1976 - School Hall, Tiffin Boys School (Supported by teachers’ band)

July 16th 1976 - Small Hall, Surbiton Assembly Rooms
November 5th 1976 - Small Hall, Surbiton Assembly Rooms

Gigs as the Outsiders 1976 -1979



December 21st 1976 - Roxy Club, Covent Garden (Supporting Generation X)


January 27th 1977 - Roxy Club, Covent Garden (Supporting The Vibrators)

January 28th 1977 - Canbury Park, Kingston Polytechnic (Supporting The Vibrators)

February 8th 1977 - Winning Post, Twickenham (Supporting Saboteur)

February 18th, 1977 - Small Hall, Surbiton Assembly Rooms

February 24th 1977 - Roxy Club, Covent Garden (Supporting The Jam)

April 19th 1977 - Nashville Rooms, West Kensington (Supporting The Jam)

April 27th, 1977 - Hope and Anchor, Islington (Supporting The Fanatics)

June 2nd, 1977 - Marquee, London (Supporting Doctors of Madness)        

June 18th 1977 - Small Hall, Surbiton Assembly Rooms (Supported by Ryde)

July 8th 1977 - Wimbledon Village Hall (Supported by Greg Hill)

August 16th 1977 - Vortex, London (Bottom of bill below Adverts, Steel Pulse and Masterswitch)

August 18th 1977 - Roxy Club, Covent Garden, (Supporting London))

August 21st 1977 - Marquee, London (Supporting Eddie and the Hot Rods)

September 5th 1977 - Vortex, London (Second on bill with Siouxsie and the Banshees, Suspects and Verdicts)

September 14th 1977 - Speakeasy, London (First gig secured by Jock Macdonald as manager)

September 23rd 1977 - Vortex café

September 29th 1977 - Roxy Club, Covent Garden (Supporting Radiators From Space)

(NB) This was the gig where Iggy Pop joined onstage to sing ‘Raw Power’









































October 20th 1977* - Acklam Hall, London.  Stiff/Chiswick ‘talent contest’

October 21st 1977* - Rainbow, Finsbury Park (upstairs) (With Suspects, The Meat and Youthenasia)

October 22nd 1977* - Man in the Moon, Chelsea (Supported by The Goats)

October 27th 1977* - Roxy Club, Covent Garden (Headliners; supported by Martin and the Brownshirts and Nipple Erect Erectors)

October 29th 1977* - Man in the Moon, Chelsea
(NB) * are those where Bruce Douglas briefly joined the band as a second guitarist, at the suggestion of Jock Macdonald (who briefly managed the band)

November 5th 1977 - Man in the Moon, Chelsea (Supported by Youthenasia and The Goats)

November 11th 1977 - Royal College of Art  (Supporting Bazooka Joe)

November 12th 1977 - Fulham Greyhound (Supported by Youthenasia)

November 15th 1977 - 100 Club, London (Supporting The Count Bishops)

November 16th 1977 - Leicester Polytechic (One of five bands, including Youthenasia)

November 17th 1977 - Roxy Club, Covent Garden (Supported by Automatics and The Goats)

November 19th 1977 - Man in the Moon, Chelsea (Supporting The Goats)

December 3rd 1977 - Passfield Hall, London School of Economics

December 9th 1977 - Royal College of Art (Supporting Verden Allen’s 7”)


January 13th 1978 - City University (Supporting Verden Allen’s 7”)

February 8th 1978 - Three Tuns Bar, LSE (Supporting The Visitors)

April 7th 1978 - Kaleidoscope Club, Kingston

May 5th 1978  - Kaleidoscope Club, Kingston

May 20th1978  - Squat party, probably Kingston area

June 2nd 1978 - Kaleidoscope Club, Kingston (Supporting Here and Now)

July 13th 1978 - Ebbesham Hall, Epsom

November 18th 1978 - Passfield Hall, LSE.

(NB) Graham Bailey’s live debut; also first time Bi Marsh guested towards end of the set, and the 50th gig since 1974).

November 30th 1978 - Livingstone House, North-East London Polytechnic



February 2nd 1979 - Kingston College of Further Education

February 3rd 1979 - Tolworth Recreation Centre (birthday party)

February 5th 1979 - Corn Dolly, Oxford

February 14th 1979 - The Stapleton, Finsbury Park

March 12th 1979 - 101 Club, Clapham

March 24th 1979 - The Stapleton, Finsbury Park

March 26th 1979 - Music Machine, Camden (Supporting UK Subs)

March 29th 1979 - Kings College School, Wimbledon

March 30th 1979 - AJ’s, Lincoln (Supporting UK Subs)

April 2nd 1979 - Grove Tavern, Kingston

April 6th 1979 - Cardiff University

April 20th 1979 - Wallington Public Hall, followed by Nelson’s, Wimbledon Football Club

April 29th 1979 - The Old Swan, Kensington

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